Legible One

Egypt – Cairo – Ancient Memphis (UNESCO World Heritage List, 1979). Saqqara. Unas’ pyramid, Old Kingdom, Dynasty V. Interior, burial chamber. Ceiling decorated with stars and walls decorated with “Pyramid Texts”.

My less ambitious projects.  First a look at some “Pyramid Texts.”  The hieroglyphics above are from inside the pyramid of Unas ( also called Ounas or Wenis or Unis).  Later I hope to bring in some of Kurt Sethe’s handwritten transcriptions (from 1908) of texts from several 5th and 6th Dynasty pyramids (in


 and maybe some spells from James Allen’s 2013 concordance of texts from Unis/Wenis (worth noting Unis’ texts are marked as ‘W’ in both Sethe’s and Allen’s concordances) through most of Teti, both Pepis and Pepi II’s three queens as found in:


Aethers and Pyramids?  What next?  Well, I started with a blog mulling over a book about kitchens during the Cold War and moved on to Russian Installation Art before setting out to reach the physics surrounding “mesons” of the 1935-1965 period from the beginning of the disappearance of the aether (around 1880).

On the way I found that, if you wander the internet looking for “aether”, you will find some very odd things such as the flat Earth and why it is motionless at the middle of the Universe.  So why not a little detour into Pyramid Texts, the sliding of the signifier, and Legible Space?  Again, wandering the internet shows there’s a lot of psychic things out there where anything related to pyramids is concerned.  However, as in the case of the aether, I will try to follow the way of a plumper, less centrally-located Earth while avoiding as much psychic activity and building of the unknown mental powers as possible.  I guess anything concerning the Quantum comes with much the same mental buzz verbiage, but that didn’t surprise me since I was used to a sustained low-level exposure to unlocking Quantum mind powers and had learned to adapt by shrinking my psychic aura to near zero – where it has stayed for the last few decades enabling me to encounter the aether and pyramids without any significant aural enlargements that I know of.

Some Pyramid Text sources:

James P. Allen’s The Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts 2nd ed Society of Biblical Literature 2015

Mark Lehner’s The Complete Pyramids  Thames and Hudson, 1997

John Romer’s A History of Ancient Egypt, Vol 2, St. Martin’s 2016